Sex and Brazilian Nuts Allergy

Story from the Daily Mail:

A woman has become the first person to suffer an allergic reaction to nuts triggered through having sex.

The boyfriend of the 20-year-old, who has not been named, had eaten a handful of Brazil nuts just before the couple’s passion took hold.

After the pair had sex, the lower part of the woman’s body swelled up and she became short of breath.

To be absolutely certain, doctors brought the man back in and took two semen samples – one before, and one four hours after eating Brazil nuts.

They then performed a test on the girl, where they give a small injection with a needle covered in semen underneath the skin.

Sex allergy of woman with Brazilian nuts.

This woman should just basically go ahead and kill herself now. Those people who say they have a serious allergy to nuts usually can’t even smell a nut without swelling up. So now, if you have sex with a dude who might have smelled a nut, you can die. Well that’s just great right ladies? Just one more thing you all have to worry about while we don’t really have to worry about much aside from our dick falling off. But we’ve come to terms with that one. Plus, if we had an allergic reaction to you and our dick swelled up, I think we’d go out and celebrate.

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