New York City Man Craig Dershowitz Spends $60,000+ In Heated Custody Battle, Over The Family Dog. Wait, What??

Sometimes I wonder if there is hope in humanity, just read the story below (in italics).

A New York City man has spent more than $60,000 in lawyers’ fees trying to win custody of his dog after his ex-girlfriend took the pooch to California. Dershowitz considers his dog, Knuckles, his “son.” In papers filed earlier this year in Manhattan state Supreme Court, Dershowitz said ex-girlfriend Sarah Brega “kidnapped” Knuckles after they broke up.

Brega says Dershowitz gave her the puggle pup – half pug, half beagle. The Post says Dershowitz has started a website to raise money for the custody fight. For $250, contributors can “play fetch with Knuckles.” The drive is off to a slow start. Dershowitz raised $85 in the first week.

This is the shit I can’t stand about breakups, divorces, etc. People just get way too fucking carried away over stupid shit. I almost got caught up in it myself; luckily I had very little money so couldn’t afford to spend any money fighting for the toaster. But seriously, does this guy just have money to burn? He must because I’m sorry but I wouldn’t spend $60,000 on anything, let alone trying to get custody of my dog. Fuck that noise. I love my dog and all, but sorry bro, you gotta go. You can get one hell of a Puggle from a breeder for $59,900 less…

Oh, and BTW, nobody is going to fucking donate shit to help you get your dog back. Everyone but this guy realizes he’s insane. He raised $85 in the first week? You can’t even get a lawyer to write an email for that. You paid for 1 second. Great job bro. And fuck puggles too; who the fuck buys these shit-looking dogs anyway?

Someone needs a testosterone shot, and it ain’t the dog.

i hate dogs and puggles

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