Hipsters and their beards should be exterminated

Let me start by saying that I dislike hipsters. I genuinely do. I dislike the attitude that these closet fags have (with all due respect to gay men), I dislike their beards, I dislike their hairstyle and I dislike the way the dress. I even dislike the new word to describe a hipster: lumbersexual. LOL what the fuck?

So after saying how much I dislike hipsters, I’d like to post about hipsters. Yeah, got a problem with that? Go read Redneck Illustrated you piece of… LOL I’ joking and you’re right, why post about hipsters in a blog that so decidedly hates them? Because I want to illustrate how insanely stupid it is to grow a massive beard that traps all bits of food and can hide a fucking bird nest right inside that pile of crappy hair strands.

After you see these hipster beards, there is no unseeing of them. Rather, it will be your duty then to spread the message and get people to undo their flowering hipster-ism. Do whatever it takes to save the world from the hipster plague. And if you’re a hipster yourself, then get the fuck out of my blog and go and shave that shit growing on your face. Roger.


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