Former Miss New Hampshire Nicole Houde is Arrested For Biting And Kicking her Boyfriend

Guys, I just read this crazy as fuck story in the Daily Mail and I had to comment on it. Here’s the story:

A former beauty pageant winner posed for a mugshot after allegedly assaulting her boyfriend. Nicole Houde, 26, was arrested in Manchester, New Hampshire after she reportedly punched, bit and scratched her boyfriend Scott Nickerson, 33, during an argument. Houde was crowned Miss New Hampshire USA in 2010 and competed nationally in the Miss USA pageant that same year. Her more recent crowning achievement was not one that she should be proud of, however.

Nicole Houde mugshot beauty

The fight began when Mr Nickerson accused Houde of having an affair, and he took her cell phone and refused to return it. CBS Boston reports that his refusal to give her phone back prompted the violent outburst, and she was later arrested for simple assault. Since her glory reign of 2010, Houde has received make up consultation certification, and works as a personal trainer and beauty pageant consultant. ’I learned so much from my experience and I enjoyed doing everything that I did so why not expand that into my career and do what I love?!’ she writes on her website.

Nicole Houde assault

That experience now includes doing make up work for high schoolers heading to prom and brides heading down the aisle. ’I look forward to helping others better themselves and reach for their goals because a lot of times life gets in the way, we get distracted and just need a little extra boost and help to get things on the right track.’

Guys, I can’t quite get a read on this chick. In some of her photos she’s drop dead gorgeous. Then in other photos, assuming they are all of her, she looks heavier and not hot at all. But basically I don’t trust beauty pageants at all. I find most of the winners of these beauty pageants aren’t usually all that hot. It’s hard to believe beauty pageants like this still exist. Here’s what they should do. Someone should make a new show but make it like American Idol where the people vote. And actually they should restrict it to JUST men voting, because let’s face it, women’s beauty can really only be properly judged by straight men. I think this would be an AWESOME show. Why hasn’t anyone made this show yet?

So her boyfriend took her phone because he thought she was cheating on him. This prompted her to basically kick and bite the shit out of him. Hmmm. Me thinks thou doth protest too much, eh? 99 times out of a hundred if your chick basically attacks you for taking her phone or flips the fuck out in any way, she’s cheating. Period. No two ways about it.

Anyway fellas, check out the picture of Nicole Houde below together with the other two pictures in this article, and let’s get to the important matter of this article: is she hot or not?

Nicole Houde new hampshire winner

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