Facebook Breakup? Reader’s Email

So this TWYMX fan sends me this quick writeup of her situation over Facebook IM so as you can see it’s a little all over the place. Try to stick with it. Give your feedkback in the comments…

alright, well a couple of weeks ago i started dating this guy and i have known him for years…long story short, the way he leaves me is by changing his relationship status on facebook from “in a relationship to single” then texts me that we “need to talk” because his ex girlfriend…who he walked in on fuckin’ another guy, in HIS house ended up getting pregnant by him a couple of months ago…mind you, she attacked him and his mom with a screwdriver! and now they are going to court because he is getting charged with assault because of her. but he decided that she deserves a second chance because she is pregnant. and another thing that’s fucked up, is that i have a son too. and i am proof that you can have a kid and not be with the other parent of your child. because when i got pregnant i took my babydaddy back and tried to make things work, but he wasn’t willing to change…so after 6 miserable months, i called it off.

how dumb is that?!

…and THAT’S WHY HE’S MY X!!!

and the person who i was talking about beforehand isn’t my babydaddy, just to clear things up.

A broken heart over Facebook

My reply to you is, get some Ritalin, woman, and learn to organize your writing structure. Oh, and delete your Facebook account.

Best advice EVER.

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